hii! welcome to luv ghoul, a fun little website that's my personal corner of the web :) i made this site based off of my personal aesthetic, where i will be dumping my thoughts and content into. i tend to make shrines and pour a lot of time and effort into my most precious interests so there will be pages dedicated to that, such as shrines and my art dump!! i have also been meaning to start blogging, so there will be that included :3

just a heads up this site is a major wip so please bear with me. i would also love to be mutuals so feel free to link my website :) !! i do suffer from dissociative amnesia so updates will be sporadic.


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03.05.23 - o wow. life rlly does hit you quick huh LOL, i reworked the home page a bit and i'm almost done reworking the about page :) yaaaaaay

01.22.23 - quickly updated the website theme, will update the buttons later, currently in a slump due to a pet death so :/

01.12.23 - hit a creativity block -__- that's okay bc i got my art uploaded on here. my next update will probably include a lot more stuff bc that's when i'll get more motivation and creativity

01.06.23 - i fixed up a lot of small things here and there to my website, but the next update will add the art section!! stay tuned for that mwah mwah

01.05.23 - happy new year! i've been going thru tough times so i revamped the website >__<

12.30.22 - i rebranded the website to luv ghoul and added a new affiliate button :) gonna fix up more details and i should be done with cover page and about section!!!! yay progress

12.29.22 - i made some progress with the about page, and im thinking about sprucing up the overall aesthetic so the site looks more clean :) im glad to have made some new oomfies on here tho mwah mwah

12.27.22 - sorry for the lack of updates, life be crazy but i finished my lalo shrine :) feel free to check it out

12.06.22 - currently revamping entire website, as soon as i get the format to my liking i'll start working on the shrines.