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  hello, and welcome to luv ghoul!

i created this website to be my own personal corner of the internet where i can dump art, thoughts, and my overall passion somewhere without being suffocated lol. that way i won't have to link like 12 different sites for each of my mediums and can actually customize stuff to fit my aesthetic. i have always had a passion ofr graphic design and coding so neocities allows me to explore and teach myself more coding. this website is meant to be viewed on desktop only so sorry not sorry if you can't view it on mobile lmao

this website will always be a wip!
so please stay tuned for the updates that will come! i always have things to add and change around teehee...
here is my affiliate button ^__^

discord: ask for it lmao
steam: bimbofucker
shoot me an email!

Status Cafe

my silly little collection

(this is a major wip)
who does not deserve the hate / reputation they get?


06.16.23 - ermmmmmm. how awkward, i forgor to update. i redid the front page again im sorry im picky but at least there's a new calendar :3

04.25.23 - sorry i procrastinated + i had to make renders for my dbd bit in my about page but it's finally finished!!!! the notes widget isn't quite done tho lol

04.18.23 - i reworked the index page for the 12294885th time, about page will be finished tomorrow hooray!

03.05.23 - o wow. life rlly does hit you quick huh LOL, i reworked the home page a bit and i'm almost done reworking the about page :) yaaaaaay

01.22.23 - quickly updated the website theme, will update the buttons later, currently in a slump due to a pet death so :/

01.12.23 - hit a creativity block -__- that's okay bc i got my art uploaded on here. my next update will probably include a lot more stuff bc that's when i'll get more motivation and creativity

01.06.23 - i fixed up a lot of small things here and there to my website, but the next update will add the art section!! stay tuned for that mwah mwah

01.05.23 - happy new year! i've been going thru tough times so i revamped the website >__<

12.30.22 - i rebranded the website to luv ghoul and added a new affiliate button :) gonna fix up more details and i should be done with cover page and about section!!!! yay progress

12.29.22 - i made some progress with the about page, and im thinking about sprucing up the overall aesthetic so the site looks more clean :) im glad to have made some new oomfies on here tho mwah mwah

12.27.22 - sorry for the lack of updates, life be crazy but i finished my lalo shrine :) feel free to check it out

12.06.22 - currently revamping entire website, as soon as i get the format to my liking i'll start working on the shrines.