03 - 08 - 23

    wow, first entry on here! i'm not sure what to really write about but i'm sure the more i do this the more i'll get the hang of it. i guess i'll just write about what's going on with life. there was a blizzard here in CA not too long ago which was super weird but hey it's climate change. i can feel my house rock bc of the high winds but that's just normal weather here, i am excited about the new dbd chapter tho!! i dont really care about what the community says since they all have a collective iq of 5, the new killer and survivors are pretty fun! people are just so used to leaks that they raise their expectations way too high and get mad over being surprised, it's quite sad lol. me and my friends have been having a blast with the chapter tho, and that's all that matters :) however i do feel very burnt out from fortnite sadly, so i might just skip this battle pass and take a break unless they announce some cool collab i'll like.

    additionally, i've been kind of wanting to branch out and talk with others but i don't. really like twitter communities tbh, the last time i was in one i swear i wanted to blow my brains out from how ridiculous they all acted. not to sound snobbish but it's kind of hard having meaningful conversations about the actual writing and contents of an interest bc a lot of people don't really care and would rather stick to the same takes they regurgitate from their friends or fave content creator. hopefully i'll be able to bc i rlly do have a lot to say about my interests. who knows maybe i'll jot them down in here lol.

    04 - 26 - 23

    hooray i have a bunch to share :) for starters my computer shat the bed for a week but i got it fixed :( sadly all of my files were lost. however i have been pretty busy with life and getting things together like registering for college and whatnot. my amnesia has been a lot worse sadly, mainly bc my disassociation has been a lot more frequent than usual but at least i've been jotting down important things so i can negate it a lot better. i think throughout my mental health journey, this has been the worst obstacle. not even my bpd episodes can compare to how god awful the disassociative episodes have been. however i'm not going to be a whiny bitch and let it consume my life. why would i wallow in my own despair over something i have been working so hard to not have it consume my life entirely?

    venting aside, i would say things with my life have been pretty great though. having my friends by my side and having major lfie events to look forward to have been a major boost in my motivation and overall wellbeing. re4make came out and i've been so engulfed with it, it's genuinely one of the best remakes to come out of this franchise. i love how much they fleshed everyone out and how much replay value it has. i've also been working hard with my ocs since writing them and involving them with my comfort series has always made me happy. i look forward to posting them here, they're just my tiny little oongly dooples i keep in my pocket. i might add more entries later, but it's midnight and i'm running on fumes so im gonna get some sleep, bye byeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.