about trisha

    twenty yrs old . lesbian . indian

    hellooo :) i'm a simple lesbian that loves my babygirls and coding. i mainly love horror, animanga, vidya, comics, and drama television such as brba/bcs and succession. my hobbies outside of media however include drawing, cooking/baking, marine biology, fashion, and restoration. some fun facts about me is that i'm malay-indian and irish (so double hatred for british ppl), i'm left handed, i love to travel, and i serve cunt on the daily.

    (i wonder who this sexy bitch is)

    tf is the point of luv ghoul?

    i made luv ghoul as a personal corner of the internet where i can dedicate endless hours into creating fun pages to show my love and adoration for my ocs and my interests. i also needed a space that's separated from fandom and social media where everything feels more like a brand than actually expressing creativity yanno. sure i'll be on social media, but i'm not really gonna devote too much into it because i like to prioritize my happiness lmfao.

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    playing: alan wake
    listening to: songs of faith and devotion by depeche mode
    watching: black mirror
    reading: spiderman 2099
    waiting for: separate ways dlc (capcom pls), alan wake 2, texas chainsaw massacre the game

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wtf silly seal do funny dance!!!!